Communicate and curate your property information from one platform – Coolershare transforms the way you manage and present your property information
Property search results, real-time building data, realistic maps, and your value adding property insights - all on one screen

  • Communicate with your clients within the context of the entire market – click on any building and start the discussion
  • Stay on one screen – no more jumping between multiple screens during presentations
  • Access property information directly and in real time - eliminate the inefficiencies and costs associated with reconfirming stale information purchased from call centers

Curate and organize your property information on a building-by-building basis

  • Click on a building and access your information
  • Share it during a presentation or drop it into a tourbook
  • Present your tourbooks during a call, via pdf or in person

Create property descriptions and tourbooks quickly and efficiently

  • Easily collaborate with your colleagues
  • Reduce data entry and save on back office and support costs

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