Communicate your market facing information more efficiently: directly, in real time, to a single market destination, all within the context of the entire market
Communicate directly with your markets and not via call center-based data providers

  • Streamline your communication by avoiding the inefficiencies and delays created by call center-based data providers
  • Get your information directly to your intended recipients in real time so that they can act upon it more quickly for your benefit
  • Free up valuable resources currently dedicated to dealing with the so called "researchers" from call centers

Communicate with the market within the actual context of the market

  • Share your information in a way that allows people to truly connect with it - within the context of the entire market (its neighboring buildings, its submarket and its city) and not 'isolated' in building-specific websites

Take back control of your information
(and yes, it's your information)

  • Share only the information you want - your market facing information (amenities, space availabilities, etc.)
  • Present your information the way you want it to be presented
  • Update it automatically, one time

Make your information accessible to the entire market

  • Too often once third-party data provides get your information they restrict who can then access it
  • We are not about restricting your information. We are about making the information you want to share immediately accessible to those whom you want to share it with - brokers, advisors, prospective tenants, etc.

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