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About Us
Real Estate Database, Inc. is the Delaware corporation behind COOLERSHARE, a website consisting of a relational database and interactive portal with a state-of-the-art 3D map interface addressing the real estate ecosystem.

COOLERSHARE efficiently accumulates and delivers extensive data and observations on all types of urban property about buildings, tenants and local businesses for building owners, real estate professionals, tenants and users (workforce, residents, visitors).

Coolershare released its open beta version in March 2018. The site is designed to be highly scalable and a rapid global rollout is anticipated.

Todd Nalven and Bill Lane first met in Moscow in 1995 and remained friends and neighbors through to founding Real Estate Database together in 2015. Todd remains based in Moscow overseeing the local development team and Bill relocated to Boston, where he is leveraging his extensive local contact network to develop the first metro area market on the Coolershare platform.

We seek to create the optimal, unified environment for users to find, share and monetize information, data and opinions about their surroundings.
Open access to building data from its owners: Anyone can visit Coolershare, click on any building and see information and discussion about that building provided directly from owners, cities or other members.
The conversation is expanded to include everyone who works in, lives in and visits every building, to add their voice to the discussion in an open forum.
Market-facing data is efficiently accessible where the public can openly share their experiences with each property, and property & business managers can display their responsiveness and customer care.
Every building can be linked to data pages in any format or style – individually or grouped by any parameter. Data snapshots can be custom-designed for the specific provider. Members can have personal profiles with the content, links and style they want.
A central market destination where brokers and customers can find the information about the buildings and businesses they want by simply clicking the building in which they are located.
Property and business owners can distribute their data when and how they want directly to their markets with real-time updates as frequently as they like.
A combination of experienced dedicated professionals from the real estate, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and technology fields
Todd Nalven
has nearly 30 years of experience in finance and general management with multinational banks and corporations, service providers and boutique firms. He managed and advised various real estate (Century 21 Russia, Raven, Radius) and technology companies and projects, including internet startups (Spotdock, MyFDB) and has held leadership positions in financial service boutiques (HFT, Chiron) and service companies (Tablogix, Scientific Drilling). Todd is an American from New York with additional fluency in Russian and French and holds degrees from St Lawrence University (BA) and Cornell University (MBA).
Bill Lane
has been actively involved in real estate for over 25 years as an investor, fund manager, developer and advisor and is considered one of the pioneers of the modern post-Soviet commercial property market. In 1994 Bill co-founded Noble Gibbons, which he and his partners sold in 2006 to CBRE, the world's largest publicly traded commercial real estate services firm. In 2006 Bill co-founded the Marbleton Property Fund, a $321mln Russia focused real estate private equity fund. In 2011, Bill co-founded CPD Group, a Moscow focused real estate developer and investor. Bill is an angel investor in several sectors including internet startups. He is a fluent Russian speaker and holds degrees from Dartmouth College (BA) and Albany Law School (JD) and is a member of the Bar in New York and Massachusetts.
Mikhail Mironov
began working in the GIS and geodesy fields in 2003 at the age of 15 and has performed field survey work in Russia for government cadasters, the military and the oil & gas sector. He has strong skills in GPS survey and post-processing, aerial photography and satellite imagery processing, GIS, 3D GIS and UAV operations. Misha has led GIS consulting teams for several clients (large Russian developers, The Geotechnology group, Talka, Intellectual Transport Systems, EngGeoProject, TerraVision) and managed several 3D client projects related to construction, architecture and cartography, including The Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery. Misha is a Russian citizen from Moscow, speaks English and has studied at the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography.
Max Melentiev
Lead Developer
has extensive experience developing highload services using modern technologies and agile-methods as well as web-applications and server administration and fine-tuning. Recently, Maxim was the CTO of Cafebike.org, a bicycle rental network service and a developer at Mail.ru where he worked on the appstore, e-commerce, and internal projects developing application architecture and API's. During his 10+ year career, Maxim has also developed e-commerce SAAS, data collection and analysis software for a water utility, retail support systems and worked on social media and internet broadcasting projects. Maxim earned his degree with Summa Cum Laude honors from the Moscow Aviation Institute in Computing hardware, systems and networks
Grigoriy Uvarov
is a graphic designer based in Moscow. He has been providing the designs for Coolershare since the first prototype. Working professionally since 2010, Grigory has created brand identities for over 200 clients such as Zoom, Rusmedfarm and Serebrennikov Group and more than a dozen successful Internet sites including Kvadrat and goodway. In 2009, Grigory graduated from the Irkutsk State Technical University with a degree in architecture and, in 2011, earned his degree in design.
Eugene Rachinsky
3D Modeler
has deep experience and abilities in performing CAD, GIS and 3D modelling tasks having worked for numerous companies on residential, commercial and industrial properties and fulfilled freelance contracts as 3D modeler and digital artist since 2008. Skilled in the full range of relevant tools, Eugene has contributed to multiple 3D projects related to construction and renovation, including the Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery and VDNKh. Eugene is a Russian citizen from Moscow, speaks English and has studied at the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography.
Viktor Tikhonov
Metadata Manager
has 10+ years of experience creating maps and related databases including considerable fieldwork and navigation system development. Viktor is proficient in various databases and processes to automate data conversion and integration. Recently, Viktor has overseen the Geodetic Department of the Yaroslavl Mendeleyev refinery and previously, he managed and integrated geographic data and data providers at with Nokia-Navteq (here.com) and oversaw GIS-oriented projects and departments, including the cadastral chamber of Khabarovsk, geodetic networks for GPS\GLONASS and geological and high profile geodetic projects for Rosneft. Viktor holds Masters and Bachelor degrees in Geography from Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Oleg Lukashev
Lead Developer - Prototype
has strong proficiency in many programming languages, including the following: PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, AngularJs, Ember, Ruby On Rails, Kohana, Doctrine, Jquery, CoffeeScript, Rspec, MySql, Postgres, Redis, Git, Mercurial, Scrum, Capistrano, Unicorn, nginx, ecommerce, spree, web aggregations. Since 2009, he has held leading roles in developing several websites and worked on www.buymeapie.com. Oleg is Ulyanovsk, speaks basic English and earned degrees from the Ulyanovsk Aviation Institute (BS equivalent - Programming) and the Ulyanovsk Technology University (Engineering - Information Systems & Technology).
Announcements of exciting partnerships coming soon.
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We see unlimited potential for the breadth and scope of the services we provide. Our execution is constrained only by the quantity and quality of our human, management and capital resources. We welcome offers to join our effort, especially from team-oriented self-starters who are ready to contribute to our mutual success.

The company anticipates rapid growth, initially in Northeastern USA. Immediate needs are anticipated for capabilities in marketing to the real estate and urban retail communities, customer service managers, GIS and database software engineers and website administrators.

Interested individuals are invited to write to us at recruitment@redatabase.net.

We will make our best efforts to reply to all submissions.

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